A "special" or strange person that considers you a close freind even if you just met.
That guy just told me I am his best friend and I never met him before.
My Friend: He must be your brotard.
by zippythezigzag March 28, 2012
A close male friend that you hang out with even though you think he's a retard.
Hey did you see Jester make a fool out of him self at that party last weekend? What a brotard!
by Block43 August 20, 2011
The opposite of a Broton, this guy is a bad influence of another guy, though age here is not an important factor. Thieves, gang members, and other thug types qualify.
Practically all the people your parents warned you about.

"That dude is bad news. He's a brotard."
by Sold Out Activist May 11, 2009
Term of endearment. Meant to convey affection for a friend or family member. Also can be used to convey slight irritation with said "friend or family member." See verbal nuggy.
"Hey, what's up bro-tard? Don't you owe me money?"
by jimmotastic! March 23, 2010
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