the act of having sex with another man's mangina (as in in in tucking your junk in between your in...don't act like you've never done this before.)
Todd celebrated Lance's birthday by getting him drunk on Jager bombs and let him perform a broski on him and the next day they both called eachother gay.
by reverse broski May 18, 2010
a term affiliated with a polish background,brothers,close friendship. Or polish people that have the Ski at the end of their name to sterotype a typical polish last name
yourself:whats the word of the rodziny(family owned) flat(apartment), broski?

sibling:umm rent is gonna raise cuz i zniszczonied(ruined)the trust of our wujek(uncle) when i lived there and took the mirror and ripped out the carpet when I left

by Ciesinski March 03, 2009
Broski is like saying bro, but you add the ski to make yourself sound unique
Broski, are you all right?
by Jake Htn January 17, 2009
a kid who, apparently can't talk right and is obsessed with hockey, lacross and other types of sports of that nature, most-likely has a fo-hawk and wears clothes such as american egal, hollister and other prep garbage like that. Has a good family, father who is loaded and mother who does dick all, mooches money off of his dad to buy things such as pot, but doesn't tell their parents that they are pot heads becasue they can do no wrong, so basically these kids are just a bunch of fucking homosexual pieces of shit and are just poisoning tomorrows youth with this garbage they call slang.
hey broski im so high, off of my dads money, i got a game-ski after but we can chill at the mall meet in american egal in 8:30 then we will go to the hut-ski and get a za sli.
by HXC_FUCK PREPS November 17, 2009
two young boys who have been friends for awhile who will help a brother out when they need it and will double date with hot girls
me and my friend gary will be broski's for life
by asslicker69 May 20, 2009
What little Hollister-wearing brats call eachother to be 'hip.'
"Check out my new 300 dollar Hollister shirt my daddy bought me, broski!1!"

"Wow man, that's pretty cool, I'm jealous broski, my golden rings are too heavy and my DIAMOND SHOES ARE TOO TIGHT!"
(origin- bro)

A reference; knickname, towards a semi-bro. A broski refers to not a full bro, but one who has slight bro quality's. It is not pertaining to full bro, but purely a semi bro name. The broski himself may be an acquaintance, or not known to the broseff at all, even for more than thirty seconds.
broseff- yo broski can i get a milkshake and some fries?

broski- yea, dude.
by chadbrochill22 January 14, 2009

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