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A 'bro' that you drink brewskis with.
Hey broski, you wanna drink some brewskis later?
by Top broski June 23, 2010
123 134
affectionate term for a bro, dude, guy, man, chad
"This is my awesome little broski, Shan!"
by t112 May 12, 2010
48 41
A word that is generally used between friends, normally replaces the words "man" or "bro".
Chris: "Hey broski, what time you planning on getting on live?"
Friend: "I'm getting on in a few minutes, got some shit to take care of."
by FoxCarnage November 27, 2009
54 50
A term for a guy friend.
Hey what's good broski?
by ThiqqChiqq January 03, 2010
22 21
a special name for your best friend thats like a brother to you.
Nico you are my broski.
by Nico Olmedo November 06, 2013
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Broski is somewhat of a non but hopefully upcoming subculture where kids now and days are opposite from today's mainstream media like you dislike social media except YouTube and hate modern day music and like retro media like alt rock from the 80s or 90s and the like styles from the decades and yes staying a kid while you can and rules are all ways be extreme and never sell out and that's it
Like justin beiber sucks nirvana is awesome or 2010s suck and 70s and 80s and 60s are awesome broski
by broski king November 29, 2013
1 2
Word used by WWE superstar zack ryder. Mean that u r a kick ass MF and r one of the guys. Word used to describe people in the zack pack.
Zack: woo woo woo, you know it broski.
by wise man586 November 14, 2013
2 3
1. A term used for a member of the Group Ameem & The BroSkis. The word broski is etmolygically evolved from bro meaning brother and ski meaning ski. Because they like to ski.
2. Used to describe someone so amazing their attributes are hard to explain.
Yo Moe! Did you see that guy over there? Ya maan! He vaas a broski Hadippa!a
by TheTwitterTroll January 22, 2014
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