A word that is generally used between friends, normally replaces the words "man" or "bro".
Chris: "Hey broski, what time you planning on getting on live?"
Friend: "I'm getting on in a few minutes, got some shit to take care of."
by FoxCarnage November 27, 2009
a subtly outlandish lie told about something or someone, similar to a prank
"did you know Jonathan stuffs his shoes to make himself taller?"
"no fucking way thats so funny"
"yeah he has a specific toilet paper he uses so it absorbs his foot sweat"
"hahhaha no way I'm dying"
"lol broski"
"fuck you"
by htrizzle June 05, 2014
affectionate term for a bro, dude, guy, man, chad
"This is my awesome little broski, Shan!"
by t112 May 12, 2010
1. noun: like "bro," but, you know, cooler
2. verb: to ski with one's bro(s)
Bro1: Yo broski, let's go broskiing.
Bro2: Down.
via giphy
by moarcheez April 05, 2016
Anything you will believe by reading here. Come the fuck on bro
Broski this is a joke
by Mankamon July 11, 2015
very best guy friend. can only be used by one male to another male.
hey! what's up broski!?
by mr.fatsack December 02, 2014
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