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a close male friend. Closer than any other friends.
my broskee is austin
by kris valdez February 21, 2009
Broskees are guys who aren't just a crew but more like a family. Broskees will do anything for their broskee except anything homosexual (broskees are straight).

Broskees do everything together. Broskees hit the gym, wavepool and mall together. When people see one broskee they should get the feeling that other broskees are near.

Broskee is the highest rank of friend you can have. Even surpassing the girl friend.

Broskees never steal a girl from another broskee.

Any broskee hooking up with a girl, that another broskee has already been with, is frowned upon (no girl gets with more than one of the broskees)
Hot Girl: Hey what are you doing today?
Kevin: Hitting up the wave pool after I go to the gym
Hot Girl: Who are you going with?
Kevin: Obviously I'm going with my broskees, but you should come too
Hot Girl: Okay I'll be there ;)

Kevin: Hey Tyler, you gotta come to this party with me, trevor and brian
Tyler: Dude I cant, alyssa is making me eat dinner with her
Kevin: Broskees or alyssa?
Tyler: True, i can't leave the broskees behind
by KewLy May 22, 2011
A male friend that's more like a brother to you

Or a cool way of saying brother
Man Justin your my broskee for life
by Ari.Babes June 05, 2016
another way to say BRO if you are a girl and dont want to say BRO! ... because it sounds too masculant.
" hey bro-skee's!"

by BRiTNi MiLLER February 08, 2008
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