The California-born, politically correct alternative to and/or replacement for the word "bro". Although the target of reference is usually female, it is perfectly acceptable to address a subject of any or unknown gender, as the word itself is unisexual and non-descriminatory vs male, female, or other.
"It ain't no bro; it ain't no sista; it's'a brosis, brosis!"

Man: "Dude, man, brosis, that ass is 'hella dank'. I'd hit it like an abusive husband."
Response from woman or subject of unknown gender: "Fuck you, pig! But I appreciate the fact that you did not call me bro, my bro."
by Forrest Harding July 18, 2006
Top Definition
Okay so everybody pretty much knows what a bro is, but what do you call girls who act like bros and wear sperrys and rock nantucket reds?? A brosis. It's not some boil or sore dont worry. Its just a girl who acts like a bro.
A BroSis describes girls who wear sperrys, rock nantucket reds, throw lax around with a boys stick, rock lax t-shirts, and able to party like a bro.
by Laxbro 95 November 24, 2011
relating to a brother-and-sister relation.
John and Mary have a brosis relation.
by uttam maharjan August 22, 2010
a sister (usually biological) who is also a bro, displaying all or some of the characteristics of a bro.

Not to be confused with brosis which is an infectious disease.
My sister is totally a bro-sis.

Last night my bro-sis had a party at which she wore a polo shirt, drank beer from a red plastic cup, and shouted "WHOOOO" loudly several times.
by Leonardaturtle February 23, 2011
the desease of being a 'bro'. When you're such a 'bro' and think you're so rad (high fives all around) that regular people feel smothered in your ego and attitude. Most guys catch brosis around 17 and dont loose it until about 23.
Common symptoms are thinking you're rad, clowning on everyone else, refering to everyone as 'bro', and always talking smack about bitches and getting laid.
That guy had total brosis.

There's way too much brosis in that crew for me to handle.

Leave your brosis at home and come have fun with us.
by Alex SuperTramp November 07, 2007
Where a male sasly takes the brother approach, whilst strategically planting the seeds of love in the otherwise oblivious "sister" victim, and allows 14 years to pass before finally reaping the produce of a perfectly sown seed
i think hes on a brosis ting bruv, you no say, hes on it!
by The Bricklayer September 03, 2007
A tranny friend. Neither bro nor sis.
Tranny: sup bro
Male friend: sup brosis
Tranny: nm bro
by NEGRO efdksgjfsdlgkjsdf March 31, 2010
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