what your friend says when you both like the same girl, but he says you should both back off to save your friendship--then he sleeps with her.
He said "Bros before hoes," but he meant him before me.
by Bro Believer January 09, 2012
When a bro chooses a homie over a bitch
Yaseen: Lets go to the movies!

Denver: Nah ima get laid tonight

Yaseen: Bros before hoes bitch!

Denver: Nah ima get laid

Yaseen: Ok sorry for trying to cock block you :
by Sun Diego February 25, 2008
a motto used by guys who are to insecure to talk to a girl and/or cant keep a stable relationship with a girl, when one of their friends gets into a serious relationship with a girl he is really in love with, and she loves him back. especially happens when the couple spends a lot of time together, and the guy's friends start getting jealous that their friend is spending what they feel is to much time with his love, and not enough time with them
guy 1: yo, we be going partying tonite brother.
guy 2:dude, i told you, i got a date tonight with michelle, i told you earlier today, im taking her to the movies.
guy 1:naw nigga, what about bros before hoes, its brotherhood.
guy 2:i told you several (raises voice a notch)times now that im busy, ill be out tommorow night.
guy 1: but bros b.....
(guy 1 hangs up)
by Slayerfan101 December 22, 2008
To be more specific, "bros before hoes" refers to a man prioritizing the relationship he has with his friends above his relationship with his girlfriend. "Hoes before bros" is the other way around.

Either way, this phrase is degrading toward women, and any guy who doesn't make his girlfriend his number one priority (with exception possibly to academic success) doesn't deserve her.
what a real man would say..

bill: lets go fishing.

joe: i cant i have to take jill to the store today.

bill: dude bros before hoes..

joe: no, there is no "bros before hoes" anymore im in a relationship.
by boxerbaby January 21, 2009
A line used by sore losers who can't bear the thought of being left on their own in a party if their mates have tapped off - The fear of being without mates for a few hours and the thought of them not getting any action is too much to bear.

Phrase is used as a dirty underhand tactic as if to say "...dude, if you were my mate, you wouldn't go with her"

The rules of a flight squadron and wingmen dictate sometimes, one of you won't pull, and you accept that if the team feasts, you feast in their glory.

A true bro doesn't get jealous and fuck his mates' chances up cos he can't get some.

A true "bro" is happy for his mate when he gets tail and actually encourages it.

All for one and one for all, not NONE FOR ALL...

See also: Emotional Blackmail, Cock Block, Cock Blocking, Wingman
Scenario One:

End of a houseparty, not many girls left. Nico doesn't really fancy said girl, he just wants to pull, but girl wants to pull dude and vice versa.

Nico: "I got dibs on that girl first, I saw her first"

Dude: "She's not into you dude, and we're kind of got a thing going on"

Nico: "Dude, don't get with her man, you're not a friend if you do... Bros before hoes..."

Dude "(What a tit)"

Scenario Two:

Dude: "Why are you following me and my lady home? Isn't your dad picking you up?"

Nico: "I fancy her man, she's Greek, and so am I"

Dude: "Well go fuck your sister then, this girl's been with me all night"

Nico "She liked me first. And I saw her first"

Dude: "...what the fuck...."

Nico: "Ok, lets share her then..."

Dude: "Lad, I wouldn't share a snickers or share my pint with you - what the fuck makes you think I wanna share a girl?"

Nico, pathetically: "Bros before hoes..."
by This Is A True Brother February 02, 2009
Never pick ur gurl over ur homie that just the way it goes.
"wanna sleep over tonight?
homie= yea kid
lilbitch=i got plans with my gurl
by synikal July 19, 2004
Used by men who feel threatened at the fact that their friend got a life and a girl. Anyone who actually does utter the phrase "Bros before Hoes" has never actually been with a chick. Anyone who has been with a chick would invariably prefer to have sex with a girl as opposed to playing Halo with their smelly friends and talking about boobs.
Friend without chick: Yo, come play Halo with me and the guys on friday.
Me: Sorry dude, I got a date with the lady.
Friend: Dude, bros before hoes!
Me: Fuck you I'm getting pussy, asshole.
by Erik McClurg March 07, 2006
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