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When 2 black guys and a white guy become best buds.

Broreos are best of friends, they come before whoreos.
You:Yo guys, wanna hang out some time? I got beer in the fridge!
Guys:Yeah, sure! We'll be like broreos!
You: Word, broreos before whoreos!
by Mr. Tr January 11, 2012
A Broreo is a bromance between three bro's, usually represented in pictures as three bro's standing together, styling and generally mimicking each other in appearance and stance. The three component bro's create a three tier representation of bromantic admiration, much like an oreo snack cookie.
Fletch: "Hey, let's take a senior prom picture together!"
Two other Bro's: "Sure, but who is going to be the white stuff in the middle of our broreo?"
by Agent Sklyer November 17, 2011
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