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1. A fine ass hoe!
To talk about someone the most rockin' bod, everyone wants to ride up on that hoe hard and fast.

2.Broomie can be used to describe a really good looking guy with messy hair and a thin build.
Girl "Omg there goes Broomie, he is such a stud muffin."

Guy "Oh gosh, I think I'm gay for him. I have a man crush on that Broomie."

Girl "what?"

Guy "sports."
by OzzzzyOzborn June 27, 2012
(n) /broo'-mee/ A compound word consisting of "roomie" and "broom closet", to be used to describe someone who lives in your closet -- perhaps converted to have the appearance of a small extra bedroom.
Since Brian moved to that small apartment in Brooklyn, he's already gone through three broomies.
by lobsey July 16, 2009
A combination of the four following words: besties, bros, homies, and roomies. A term that can be used to refer to a person who is both your best friend and roommate. Not limited to the male gender, for two females can also be bros. Spending a ridiculous amount of time together and having a substantial amount of secrets and inside jokes is a must. Often viewed as an inseparable pair by others, rather than as individuals.
Mary and Tanya are more than just best friends. They're broomies.
by tacoke December 21, 2013