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To kill someone by shoving some sort of rod, such as a broom handle up his/her rectum.

Supposed method of execution for King Edward II of England.
After the teacher refused to curve the test, we all wanted to broomhandle him with his cane.

Dude, that SOB deserves to be broomhandled for the way he treated us.
by Blue Rhapsody May 21, 2009
v the act of sticking a broom up someone else's ass either for sexual stimulation or abusive punishment/torture. It can also mean when something really shitty happens to someone. It is essentially the inanimate object version of getting fucked in the ass.
Matt: It's kinda scary here in Tijuana.
Tony: I hope you get kidnapped and broomhandled.
by the Beehandler December 02, 2010
A sexual position involving a penis and a vagina, and his left hand index finger moving in a back and forth motion in another girl's vagina.
I'm going to broomhandle the shit out of those two Fly Honeys.
by Ethan, Jared and Miles April 28, 2005
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