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Bitch was beaking off, so I broomed her ass.
by Jay Way February 04, 2008
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"BROOMED" The word used to describe being fucked over, no matter how big or small, whether it be your mate "accidentally" forgetting his wallet when the bill comes and its time to pay or even fucking your mrs behind your back, "BROOMED" has so many levels to it.
1. Last Sunday, spoke to broom, said to come all the way to sentosa to his and we will go for a few hours to KM8 cos i really wanted to go , IT WAS ALL ARRANGED!about 40 mins later and just before i get the taxi i recieve a txt saying - mate dont know if u have left yet but i cant be arsed to go now! BROOMED!!!!!!
2. This morning I gave Broom a lift to work like I do every morning. Then he goes to get himself some breakfast but doesn't ask me if I want any! When I confronted him about it he claims he couldn't find me to ask but I hadn't left my desk since we got into work! BROOMED!!!!!!
by Broomed!!!!!!!! December 05, 2008
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