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Stoner 1: Brookline: a town full of stoners with reading dissabilities who cant spell and love sublime
Stoner 2: dude i'm a really good reader
Stoner 1: but can you spell?
Stoner 2: ...no
Stoner 1: well, there ya go
"I smoke two joints in the morning, i smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright..." - sublime
by Emma December 31, 2004
Hometown of the truly fabulous SCL. A cultural mecca located on the outskirts of Boston... the perfect blend of suburb and city... An indisbutably diverse town- it caters to a wide range of needs, wants, and desires and is within fifteen minutes of absolutely anywhere you should ever want to go.
I'm spending my day in Brookline: first I crave a taco and then I'm catching an enthralling independent film.
by Lexi Brook June 06, 2005
Greatest place in the world. It is perfect.
In Brookline we all get baked and eat at anna's.
by alex koz October 12, 2006
A place where cool kids hang out. Next to Newton, which is where the losers hang out. Also the place where Conan O'brien attended highschool. Word.
Newton kid: HEY, can wanna hang out?
Brookline kid: uuuhhh, you're a complete jackass.
Newton kid: whatever, I didn't want to hang out anyways
by Annnay April 11, 2005
Brookline is a small town in MA where kids enjoy smoking weed and shopping on Newbury st. in Boston. They all pretend to be poor & cheap while living in $1,000,000 worth houses and parents as doctors.
Brookline High School students:
Person #1:"Hey, lets go to Newbury street!"
Person #2: "Wait, let's go smoke some blunts first.."
Person #1: *Looks in wallet and finds a 20 dollar bill* "Naah man, don't got the money."

by coolkidz May 06, 2008
The dankest town in the US. Right next to boston. The ill basketball team cuz are whole team is black metco kids from Boston. The marijuana capitol of Massachusetts.
Dont live in faggot Newton...live in Brookline!
by Yreva April 05, 2004
Dope town, shitty ass cops
cop: open your bag
me: i plead the 4th
cop: Dont teach me the law dumbfuck

I own the cop with my knowledge of the law and i walk away

by cheezypoofs September 11, 2007
A suburb of Boston bordering on Brighton and Newton founded in 1705 while much of the area was still farmland.
It is slightly more upscale than Brighton (which is a favorite of students) although many students and younger people do live there, and unlike many other places in the Boston area, there is ample parking.
For more information, check the <a href="http://www.town.brookline.ma.us/">Town of Brookline</a> webpage.
They've got really nice place in Brookline.
by Metoikos May 28, 2005