Dripping in wealth. The wealthiest suburb of NYC and 2nd wealthiest town in the USA behind Palm Beach.
The downtown is perfect. The surrounding neighborhoods are hilly and resemble the south of France. Bronxville
tends to be more waspy in character, but of course in 21st century America it contains a variety of religions, and
a very slight variety of races. Scarsdale attempts to claim to be wealthier, although if you remove the college
student population of Sarah Lawrence college, Bronxville trumps.

The high schools is ridiculously beautiful and the kids are definitely living in a bubble. Especially considering Bronxville borders on
Yonkers and Mount Vernon.
Bronxville Kid 1: Where are you going away to this summer?
Bronxville Kid 2: Nantucket
Bronxville Kid 1: Do they like Jews there?
Bronxville kid 2: NO
Bronxville Kid 1: Aren't you Jewish?
Bronxville Kid 2: Yep, and my dad owns Las Vegas. You get the drift...
by I know it... August 03, 2013
Everything that has already been said, but dont forget the Drugs and Booze. From the 7th Grade to the Grandparents, everyone is this Village has an obsession with alcohol, maybe so they can forget about how pathetic they would be without their Daddy's money. Also dont forget about the Cocaine, H, and other drugs that are widely used and available. Biggie was right, more money more problems.
Girl 1: Its lunch time, lets go get plastered before class at bronxville H.S.
Girl 2: Ok, I have an 8 ball on me so we can get lit too
by Captain Scrotes January 17, 2008
A town that is the least culturally diverse town in Westchester County. Before the 1970s, people were restricted to selling their homes to minorities (jews, blacks, hispanics, etc.). The town mostly consists of WASPs today and still looks down on minorities. It was not until the 1970s until even white catholics were accepted there.
Bronxville has too many waspy fags in it. When the hell will they include minorites?
by A tard November 14, 2007
Bronxville: a town full of snotty rich people who have their noses up to the sky every chance they get. They usually hang out at a local country club in Bronxville Manor (in Eastchester). They usually carry a buch of bags from designer stores and Juicy Couture purses. Daddy's money buys them happiness and although the town looks nice and the houses are huge, the people who live in this area are airheads and have egos bigger than their Hamptons summer house. I've met and hung out with some of these people and became stupider by the minute. They believe that Tuckahoe is the "ghetto" and that they are better than all of the towns surrounding them. I have a tip for you honeys, you're not all that great.
1)- Oh look at that Bronxville girl walking down Palmer Ave.
- I know why is her neck perched so high?
2) Typical Bronxville girl saying "Daddy, I want MORE!!"
3) Typical Bronxville boy saying "Lets buy a sports team for christmas daddy"
by regular person August 05, 2007
Bronxville is one of the richest towns in westchester county. The teenagers that go to bronxville school are among many groups. If you spread one rumer or gossip to someone, it will get out to everyone in ten minutes. Are your close infashion? The kids in bronxville school usually where expensive clothes like abercrombie, american eagle, and juicy couture. If you where one thing from wallmart, you will be labeled as a nerd for life. Do you like japenese animia? Look out for the nerds! All of the kids in bronxville live in mashines and can afford anything from their parents.
bronxville is the best place you'll ever live! We got fashion, gossip, and the bronxville school! Its in New York in Westchester County right next to Scarsdale.
by yrubotheringme45 May 03, 2008
A square mile hellhole full of fags that think eastchester is the ghetto. Their idea of a slut is a girl that gives high 5's. If your some bitch who can give a good high 5, you'll sadly be biggest ho in Bronxville. If you're a guy and your not a wasp who wears polo shirts and plad shorts every day, they think your from the ghetto. Full of the biggest fags in Westchester.
Bronxville fag: That kid isn't wearing a polo shirt and plad shorts. What a ghetto hoodlum.
by bxvforfags August 29, 2008
A fag town. It is by far the gayest of places.
Boy1: "My mom says that I'm moving to Bronxville next month."
Boy2: "You're a faggot."
by wtf12345 July 10, 2008

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