A suburb of New York located 2 1/2 miles north of the Bronx. Is a village of the Town of Eastchester. Cost of living is almost as expensive as Manhattan.
Rent across the Bronx River from Bronxville in Yonkers is like half as much.
by John December 03, 2003
The best town in Westchester by far. The kids who live there never have to leave because they have everything they could ever want in their town. Unlike kids from surrounding towns who diss Bronxville on Urban Dictionary because their town is poor and full of Doushe bag queers or illegal immigrants. Those same kids from surrounding towns who diss Bronxville however, always come to Bronxville on the weekends because there is nothing to do in their town and Bronxville is awesome.
Person 1: Hey, isn't Bronxville wicked gay dude!
Person 2: Totally dude! But do you want to go there now to make fun of how gay it is?
Person 1: Totally!
by freebyme May 14, 2011
Bronxville is a toney village just north of NYC where committed Manhattanites can be in the suburbs and still be only 28 minutes by train from the life they would rather be living.
Bronxville has nothing to do with the Bronx...ever.
by ebb May 07, 2005
a small, great town near new rochelle that is occupied by preps, boys who wear polo shirts and basketball shorts year round, and the small punk gang that everyone knows (one match posse)
Bronxville is the exact opposite of the bronx
by jim mcmurtagh March 12, 2006
A small suburb about 20 minutes from Manhattan. Bronxville is a town of Easchester, both located in Westchester County. Many may think Bronxville is made up of the rich and snooty, and sure there are people like this in Bronxville, but doesnt every small town have their share of the rich and snooty? Many families in Bronxville move their not because they can afford it (and many times they can barely afford to live there), but because of the steller school system. The public school there has small classes and great facilities, so many people want to live there. Because schooling there is so sought after, the town has high taxes to maintain the level of education the children recieve.
Person 1: Oh. You live in Bronxville? Can you give me a ride in your Land Rover or Mercedes or whatever you have?
Person 2: Shut the fuch up. Just because i live in Bronxville doesnt mean i have alot of money. Ill gladly give you a ride in my Toyota.

Person 1: Sorry man
by bxvlover March 17, 2013
Bronxville is a small town about 30 min away from New York City filled with stuck-up rich kids that spend daddy's money all day and drive in Jeeps. The majority of these kids are millionaires. Many of these kids are either going to play the holy sport of lax or getting high with the money they were supposed to spend on Park Place Bagels. But don't be mistaken, Bronxville may be a hell hole, but it can sometimes be swag.
Z-Tuck plays the holy sport of lax in Bronxville
Xavier is dripping with swag
by englishBanana May 14, 2015
Dripping in wealth. The wealthiest suburb of NYC and 2nd wealthiest town in the USA behind Palm Beach.
The downtown is perfect. The surrounding neighborhoods are hilly and resemble the south of France. Bronxville
tends to be more waspy in character, but of course in 21st century America it contains a variety of religions, and
a very slight variety of races. Scarsdale attempts to claim to be wealthier, although if you remove the college
student population of Sarah Lawrence college, Bronxville trumps.

The high schools is ridiculously beautiful and the kids are definitely living in a bubble. Especially considering Bronxville borders on
Yonkers and Mount Vernon.
Bronxville Kid 1: Where are you going away to this summer?
Bronxville Kid 2: Nantucket
Bronxville Kid 1: Do they like Jews there?
Bronxville kid 2: NO
Bronxville Kid 1: Aren't you Jewish?
Bronxville Kid 2: Yep, and my dad owns Las Vegas. You get the drift...
by I know it... August 03, 2013
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