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The desired addition of a bro.
Chad: I just texted Derek
Devin: is he coming over?
Chad: on his way, bro
Devin: Bronus!
by craycarl January 06, 2015
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1. When a friend, or "bro", does you an extra favor on top of something nice to begin with.
2. An act displaying a little extra push in the current relationship's level of bromance.
3. An extra bro, most likely a rando, that ends up being a cool guy during a social event.
1. For Eric's birthday we got him tickets to the Final Four, and as an added bronus, we got him courtside seats.
2. Ralph paid me back $10 instead of the $8 he owed me since he felt he owed me for spotting him all the time. It was a nice bronus.
3. Inviting that rando Jerry to the party was a real bronus. That kid was hilarious!
by Da E-Train March 06, 2009

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