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To be defeated by everyone you know. To suck at everything you do.
I better step my game up or i'll become a bronsoon.
by clives May 12, 2008

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When someone wins with no contest or when some completely devistates you.
When Jimmy plays Monopoly is an obvious bronsoon.

Wow, Mike was so rough last night in bed. It was the best bronsoon ive had in a while.
by AndrewSless July 21, 2005
A swarm of bro's, or a large group of dudes. Generally, this swarm is heading in your general direction.
"Oh shit, dude bro man. There's a bronsoon heading right for us! Let's party with them!!!"

"Hey, check out that bronsoon. What a bunch of fags."
by Officer Badass May 04, 2007