a boner given to you by your bro.
"Bro i dont know what it is about you but your giving me a total BRONER."
by loki138 January 05, 2009
1. A verb/noun that describes an adult male who masturbates to the children's show "My Little Pony" and gets a boner at the sight of a animated pony. (

2. An American professional boxer and also an occasional rapper.
1. The fuck? That sicko has a total broner!

2 My favorite boxer has got to be Adrien Broner.
by Teddy Engivelt June 11, 2014
Used to describe effection towards another male, without homosexual connotations. Fusing 'brother' and 'boner'.
Leonardo DiCaprio is such a dude, gives me a broner.
by TheBroner March 21, 2014
when you get an erection from just having fun with your friends. this is a non homosexual boner that most often goes unnoticed. when it is noticed, the person who has a broner will most likely be made fun of, leading to embaressment
Bro 1: " dude, this is such a great time!"
Bro 2: " hell ya it is"
Bro 2: "DO NOT"
Bro 1: " ya you do look"
Bro 3: "thats hilarious"
Bro 2: "SHUT UP"
by jrevs July 26, 2013
When "bro's" hang out and don't score with the ladies and/or partake in mainly homosexual-esque activities.
Person 1: Have you seen Craig's group of dickheads hanging out over there?!
Person 2: I sure have, what a group of broners!!
by Ginner-Gravy June 29, 2011
When one or more of ur "Bro's" have a stiff and your in the same room.

Random boner when hanging out with bro's.
We were all watching porn at mikes and we got broners.
I was with my bro austin and i got a broner.
by balljuice June 14, 2011
n: A figurative erection one gets from spending time with their good friend(s). Usually a sign of great respect and admiration. What makes a bro-ner different from a boner is that there is no limit to the size of a bro-ner. Bro-ners can increase with time (see example 2) and may never leave, even after the bro is gone.

A bro-ner can exist among females, but mostly exists within guy-to-guy or guy-to-girl relationships.
1. After spending several lunches together, Justin realized he had a bro-ner for Gabby, and that they weren't so different, after all.
2. Gabby's bro-ner for Spencer had been there since first grade when they met. It increased when they realized they had the same birthday.
by DJ. G93 February 24, 2011

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