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The use of boner as a metaphorical term for excitement, with a play on words of bro.

A broner is the excitement a man receives when he's informed of a bro related event that the man is eager to experience. When a man gets a broner, he is not erect it is merely a metaphor for excitement.
Bro #1: "I got us tickets to the Superball!"
Bro #2: "Dude, I just popped a broner."
by Regieboy September 25, 2011
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Having a large amount of excitement or getting a boner when you get to go over to a friends house.
Bob:Dude i got a major broner when rich said I could go to his place.
by overlord332266 August 04, 2011
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(n.) The theoretical erection (boner) "Bros" get for each other when one does something "bro" that makes people suspect bros struggle with suppressed homosexuality.
1. Yo bro, I'm totally digging the way you wear that collared shirt. You're giving me such a bro-ner.

2. The smell of phoenix scented axe always gives me a raging bro-ner.
by Nigmuhh July 05, 2011
2 2
When a straight male gets a semi hard on from the thought of taking gay actions
it was once said that wrestlers will frequently get broners.
by bababababam July 01, 2011
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A bro who has a boner but is very chill.
I was telling my bros how I was playing cod when i got a nuke and a sandwich, and immediately got a broner.
by NattyIceKing March 16, 2011
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Broner is not a object like a boner. Broner is a fealing of happiness when with one or more of your "bros". broner can be used as a gay term but will not hold the same meaning. Non gay word. If another guy comments on a mans broner it is now gay.
Non-gay<normal meaning> Dude that was a good run it gave me a broner.

Gay<dont use it> Dude your'e broner is so big, dude look at my broner, my broner is so big.
by Myan renhoward January 28, 2011
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Bro boner
A woman-one walks by you and your bro
Upon brofisting, either one of you exclaims "bro! I totally have a broner!"
by johkabu October 17, 2010
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