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A boner obtained while hanging with your bros. It usually requires an awkward explanation and is followed by constant reminders and gay jokes.
Ted: "Hey is Jake coming tonight?"
Mike: "Hell no last time he got a raging broner and hasn't left his apartment since!"
Ted: "Holy shit!"
Mike: "I know i slipped a dong bomb in his drink."
by 2girls1cup&urmom June 30, 2012
The excitement one feels when they are around their bro's.
Oh man, I have such a broner right now.
by pool guy May 22, 2012
When a bro gets a boner from another bro
Your bro does something sexy. Then all the sudden boyyoyoing. broner!
by masterbro969 March 30, 2012
A noun used to describe the emotional excitment towards a bro. Similair to Bromance.
"Hey bro do you want to come over and drink beers and play COD?" "Man I just got the biggest broner"

"Just went to Ambercrobie and bought some new polos, got the biggest broner right now!"
by OtherSquib February 22, 2012
A group of friends that are so friendly towards eachother that it may seem almost homosexual, but the three friends are not homosexual or "Gay" so fuck off.
Mazza Alec and Nate spooned yesterday, what a couple of broners
by Mazzasaieed January 06, 2012
An erection, or great joy attained by any heterosexual male, as a direct result of something that his buddy (or "Bro") says, does, or shows him. A Broner can also be attained by any man as a direct result of his favorite sports teams performance, comentators talking about said teams dominance, and highlight reels of said sports team.
Every time Dan tells me about his sexual conquests with strippers, I get such a broner!

When (insert favorite RB's name here) had that 92 yard Touchdown run lastnight, I got a massive broner!
by Owen David November 30, 2011
1.the act of getting a boner at the same time as your best friend. and then convientely letting them know that you have a boner via text.
best friend 1: Hey man whats up
best friend 2: my dick
best friend 1: thats a coincidence so is mine
best friend 2: we got a broner going on!!
by mystery_man69 November 18, 2011