An unintentional male inspired boner. As per David Duchovny, Californication.
That dudes massage felt so amazing I got a broner halfway through and had to turn over.
by kdawgee September 08, 2010
(-noun) When a member of an all male group develops an erection.
Guy 1: Dude?! Do you have a fucking boner!!!??

Guy 2: Nah man, it's just a "Broner". Take it as a compliment.
by Blatent Lack of Judgement July 22, 2010
A person who simultaneously a stereotypical "bro" as well as a stereotypical stoner.
My friend Collin is such a broner; he's got hippie hair, a three-day beard, Abercrombie clothes, and a sideways upside down visor. He pretty much lives off of creatine shakes and jagermeister, constantly works out at the gym, and he still manages to smoke an eighth a day... such a broner.
by mrrrrow? January 31, 2013
1. an erection caused by a male friend or "bro".
"Dude, look how good Bender looks. He's totally giving me a broner."
by UmbertoDavidson February 27, 2012
Getting an erection while doing bro things with your bro pals.
I was shooting some pool with my dudes when I got the weirdest broner
by Larz Booger November 17, 2011
n. Physical awkwardness occurring between bros and brahs at the moment their "fraternal" relationship takes a turn for the Greek.
In a sick/hot moment when their eyes met through the haze of booze at the frat party, Erick's and Zack's sudden, unintended broners told them that nothing would ever be the same between them again.
by MudFlap33 August 06, 2011
A boner during a BroFest.
Male 1: DUDE! Do you want to go touch each other in the urinals?

Male 2: I just popped a broner.
by BROLOL May 07, 2011

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