When you get a really good feeling by thinking of, or hanging out with, one of your bros.
Like "Lady Boner" it does not have to have anything an actual erection.
It is usually completely non-sexual.
In conversation: "Oh, do you know him to? Just thinking of him gives me a broner!"

In story: Lisa was rocking a raging broner while hanging out with her bro Rob.
Meaning: Lisa was having such a good time while hanging out with her good friend Rob.
by WisemanHouse April 10, 2015
Next Level Bromance, but can be with more than two bros
Constant communication between each-other everyday

Drunk festivities include show public display of affection & grabbing balls
During conversation, they speak their own language (i.e. inside jokes)
Together they are inseparable
"Yo you see Tom & Frank? Man they are being total Broners"
by Giovannella February 02, 2015
A boner you get when looking at man on man porno.
I recently watched a gay porn video. I had the weirdest broner
by Jusitn Beiber August 10, 2014
When a bro gets a boner from another bro
Your bro does something sexy. Then all the sudden boyyoyoing. broner!
by masterbro969 March 30, 2012
A mental "erection" achieved through things that would interest the most general of men, usually gained through events that only a man, or "bro", would love.
The way that dude killed that other guy with a crossbow gave me a raging broner.
by King Droxie January 15, 2011
An unintentional male inspired boner. As per David Duchovny, Californication.
That dudes massage felt so amazing I got a broner halfway through and had to turn over.
by kdawgee September 08, 2010
Erection that is the result of close contact with a male friend
If my girlfriend figures out that I have a Broner, I am fucked.
by Beelzebubba June 10, 2016
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