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Occurs when your bro does something that is so brotastic that it gives you a boner.
When Stano hooked up with Emily it gave me a broner.
by Hot Boy Carl August 31, 2010
Coined by comedic writer Daniel O'Brien in the early 2000s, this term describes "an erection that two frat guys get when they wrestle each other."
*frat guys wrestling. suddenly, one stops*

Frat Guy 1: Dude, why'd you stop, bro?

Frat Guy 2: Well, bro, I was totes about to put you in a headlock, but then I felt your broner brush up against my leg.
by AntonioDeLaVega June 12, 2010
A boner occuring on one of two two straight friends entangled in a bromance.
If I ever got the chance to have a few beers with Tom Brady, I'm pretty sure I'd get a broner.
by Meowsy McDermot February 03, 2009
The unintentional but unavoidable girth/tightening in a heterosexual male's pants due to the witnessing of another male's unbelievable stunts and/or acts.

Most common triggers to cause an unavoidable broner include but are not limited to, are: Chuck Noris, Jason Statham, Arnold, The show 'Cops', Showcase Action.

To calm a broner down, one must immediately watch 10 mins of any of the Twilight movies. Or listen to something by Lady Gaga. Actually, any attention to something that resembles a male covered in glitter, and lots of make up should do the trick.
I totally got a broner after watching 'The Expendables' tonight
by GuyfromOntario85 August 13, 2010
When a guy idolizes frats too much.
"Doug said he is only going to college to join a frat. That dude has a raging broner."
by Akaniradru June 17, 2013
A completely non-sexual erection that occurs when one man is excited by the actions of another man, or in the company of other men. It is 100% heterosexual, and in no way gay.
"Dude, the new Eligh CD gives me a broner."
by AndroidAlex November 18, 2011
A mental "erection" achieved through things that would interest the most general of men, usually gained through events that only a man, or "bro", would love.
The way that dude killed that other guy with a crossbow gave me a raging broner.
by King Droxie January 15, 2011