a random boner while with all males, in some cases ruins relationships with guy friends.
I was hanging out with Kevin and got a broner, he hasn't talked to me in weeks.
by travlax April 24, 2009
1. A bro's boner
2. An erection achieved while in the commission of fraternal events.
Trent: Touch my broner dude.
by Albert E. November 27, 2007
When a bro has or gains a "boner" (enlarging/hardening of the male penis or shlong)
Damn that pezza gave me a massive broner
by Caponer/ale July 25, 2009
When youre psyched for your bros
John: Dude my band just got this sweet gig at that hot new club in town

Freddy: that gives me the biggest broner
by k'ran wood March 31, 2008
n. A boner one has for one's brother.
Damn, I bet Payton Manning's TD just gave Eli a huge broner!
by Tobias Funke January 13, 2007
Coming from the Irish word for sad (brón), prenounced Bro-Ner.

An upset or sad erection given by a friend. This does not have to be intentional by either party involved.
Peter: I was so depressed on Sunday afternoon in Marks.
John: Why?
Peter: Ah you know, Mark was slagging me and then he farted and for some reason I got a bróner.
John: Shit one dude.
by adamgarrioch October 28, 2008
When Two dudes are talking about chicks they have fucked and the dude who is listening to the story gets a boner.
Johnson: the other day i space docked this richously hot bitch at some frat party there was mad poop on her vag.
Steve: no fuckin way that just gave me a ragging broner.
by ScrewgongTheDugong September 22, 2008
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