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n. A boner one has for one's brother.
Damn, I bet Payton Manning's TD just gave Eli a huge broner!
by Tobias Funke January 13, 2007
Coming from the Irish word for sad (brón), prenounced Bro-Ner.

An upset or sad erection given by a friend. This does not have to be intentional by either party involved.
Peter: I was so depressed on Sunday afternoon in Marks.
John: Why?
Peter: Ah you know, Mark was slagging me and then he farted and for some reason I got a bróner.
John: Shit one dude.
by adamgarrioch October 28, 2008
When Two dudes are talking about chicks they have fucked and the dude who is listening to the story gets a boner.
Johnson: the other day i space docked this richously hot bitch at some frat party there was mad poop on her vag.
Steve: no fuckin way that just gave me a ragging broner.
by ScrewgongTheDugong September 22, 2008
An erection caused by the sight of an attractive female driving an 80's moddle Ford Bronco II.
"Dude, that chick in the bronco just gave me a huge broner!"
by LP Beef May 13, 2005