The frat equivalent of a 'man-crush', used to describe a strong, yet totally hetero, attraction to another male.
Dude, I saw Fight Club again today and I totally have a broner for Brad Pitt.
by GillGIlliamJoben March 25, 2009
The type of erection you get when being massaged by another man, in a total non-sexual, friendly manner.
Fuck man, yesterday with Tom was so fucking awkward. He was giving me a massage after training, and i looked down and saw a fucking broner!
by krinkle September 10, 2007
arousal from seeing an incredibly hot armenian man.
bro, the way u puff on that cohiba is giving me a broner.
by mister chang October 25, 2009
the erection a male receives from riding too close to his male friend on a scooter.
Jeff always gets a raging broner when he rides in with Kyle on his Vespa.
by getjustin June 12, 2008
n. the recognition that a male aquaintance or "bro" would be attractive to the opposite sex.
Markus: Hey I'm going out tonight with that girl Sarah from work. How do I look?

Mike: Dude, let's just say that I have a broner right now.
by WordBrah August 20, 2009
A Bro, or dude, who gets an erection when no girls are present.
John: "What the fuck Steve, you have a broner right now!"

Steve: " thats just my pants...."

John: "Whatever man your a fucking homo."
by Landerman November 05, 2009
When you are chillin' with your bros and you get a little to excited, causing you to get a boner (or raging jimmy).
"Man when I was playing video games with the bros i got like fifty headshots, and it made me so excited that i got a broner!"
by Broseph Broski August 27, 2008
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