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To give a sum of money to a close friend in which said friend obviously has no intention of repaying, or the implied mutual consent of the debt never being repaid.
Michael: "Dude can you spot me on this monster, i left my mom's debit card at home."

Brian: "It's not like i didn't already bronate the money to pay off the mortgage on your parent's house anyways, i guess a few bucks wouldn't hurt." *irritated grunt*

Michael: ^_^
by 3ndEr_IIV October 16, 2009
Donating to a bro or friend in a time of need.
Me: Let's go hit up some wings!
Friend: Eh...I'd like to but I'm broke man.
Me: Don't worry I gotcha, I can bronate this time.
by Tstai December 10, 2010
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