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Essentially a promise you make to a bro. One that you can never break. ever. Stronger than a promise.
"I bromise you that i will never sleep with your girlfriend. ever"
by eSKape March 12, 2009
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Originated in the Maryland
first spoken by Jack attack's little brother

SN1: please explain the bromise so i could sleep at night
SN2: bromise just means promise.. except that u really promise
I bromise I'll give you the money tommorow, cuz im cool like that
by D-Ron November 08, 2004
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A sacred unbreakable promise made between two bro's. Now this can be between to blood brothers or between brothers from other mothers.
Patrick, you better bromise me to quit tokin up soon bro
by Puff(4)Puff(2)Pass(0) February 22, 2010
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