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it's an amalgam of the words brother (or bro) and homie.
Ay yo, watch me spit game at this dime piece bromie.
by J-Lite July 29, 2005
A combination hybrid between the shortened version of brother (bro) and the end of the shortened version of homeboy a.k.a. homie (mie). Signifies a homeboy unlike most others, a friend as close to you as a brother or blood relative.
What's up bromie! We gonna tear them clubs up tonight!!!
by Little Pinch March 24, 2010
A guy friend who surpasses best friend. A bro who is known for 10+ years. Practically brothers, you can even go to each others family and no one will turn a head.
James: Dude i love going to your family reunions, except for when your ugly cousin Gertrude hits on me. Thank god we're bromies so i could make the excuse that we're like family.

Austin: I know right, same with with your ugly sister Tyler.

James: I'll drink to that dawg.

Austin: True...True! To bromies!
by Bromie-o August 27, 2009
A combination of two words, Bro and Homie. Used when addressing a person.
"Hey Pat". "Yo what's good Bromie"?
by Max Shroder December 14, 2008
When a guy has a really good friend that is more than a bro and a homie
You can be my wing man any time bromie.
by creature magee November 29, 2010