Mindless chatter between two bros. Most sentences in a brologue are made up of the word "bro" or variations of said word. Nothing meaningful ever comes out of these types of conversations, unless you believe that males communicate non-verbally.
Tim texts Forrest after a long night of partying and a brologue ensues,

Tim- "sup bro"
Forrest- "not much brah, that party tonight was crazy though"
Tim- "yeah I know brosif, it was bromazing."
by XxxABroxxX October 10, 2011
Top Definition
Silly, manly dialogue between two bros. Often involves girls or sex.

Bro 1: You know what my three rules are right?
Bro 2: First, no teeth.
Bro 1: Yeah man, no fuckin' teeth. And rule number two watch the teeth! Rule three? I mean it no teeth!
Bro 2: Yeah dude that's the worst.
by hotdiggitydawg November 07, 2009
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