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The definition of a stereotypical "broha". The only difference from a broha, however, is that the lanz in the center symbolizes the extemity of the situation. When chilling with brolanzhas, you must stay fully aware that others are around and he is not carrying his backpack, which 9 times out of 10 will include heinekins, a hampster, and a straw. Appearance wise, brolanzhas will typically dress as a bro, and odds are will have a choker seashell necklace and tims, and often times will pretend to be fans of rap music to hide their true colors.
-Dude, i was chilling with Nick last night, and turns out hes a brolanzha! And i really thought when he offered a back message he was a legit nice guy..
-Pete, watch out for Nick tonight, i saw him a little while ago and he has his backpack, i fear he might be a brolanzha.
by mstapmp26 November 09, 2007

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