The Blues. A common phrase which its origin is in the Hebrew language. Meaning, you are in a state of sadness resulting of bad experience,dark future, life in general etc.
Note:Used by both sexes. Usually used with initials.
He: Are you coming to see a movie with us?
Me: No, I think I'll stay at home, I have a broken dick since my girlfriend left me.
by Jones100 August 08, 2005
Top Definition
To painfully bend your dick in the middle after vigorous sex. Often makes a popping noise.
"As I fucked her brains out I got a broken dick and now I can't walk."
by That Amish Guy June 23, 2003
The end result of having sex with a militant feminist.
Nathan knew how much feminists hate men when Jane msade a few quick twists of her pelvis while he was deep inside her and gave him a broken dick.
by urban pervert June 24, 2003
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