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A commonly used military term used to describe a person who is either injured or faking injury to get out of training.
Private Pyle is suffering vaginal discharge and is now a broke dick on profile.
by John Smith March 22, 2005
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Military slang for an injured person who can't perform regular duties, especially suspected malingerers.
Bob twisted his ankle running, so now he'll be a brokedick for the next three weeks.
by Mike Hargis June 09, 2006
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A Navy term describing a sailor or piece of equipment that is not functioning properly...
1. Push that broke dick cannon overboard, its just added weight we don't need...
2. Tell that broke dick Private Pyle I said to get to work...
by The CopyCat January 06, 2008
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Applies to all things incapable of "getting it up" to the quality you deserve. This including anything and anyone too ghetto or too dysfunctional to perform. Like an actual broke dick, these experiences can be disappointing, embarrassing, or downright painful.
My brokedick oven doesn't even have temperature settings. Shit's a glorified Easy Bake oven.

Her car is so brokedick that it only has a cassette player, but the system is bumpin with the screech of brakes and hiss of the engine.

He is so brokedick he takes his batteries out of the smoke alarm to put in his pager.
by THE BARKER April 29, 2012
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Any situation that is totally weak and stupid or someone who is totally pathetic and weak
"This place is broke dick and that guy in the front row is broke dick!"
by John January 27, 2004
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When an erection is bent too far and a blood vessel breaks in the penis causing a hematoma , pain , and loosing erection.
Playing torpedo the tuna boat in the hot tub gave me a broke dick.
by Cavedweller June 25, 2006
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