1. A person with little means.

2. A person who enjoys the fringe elements of a society.

3. A person with little means who enjoys the fringe elements of a society.
1. She can't pay for dinner, she's a broke-ass.

2. I feel like we should party like a broke-ass tonight; hit up a basement show, maybe go vintage shopping.

3. I'm not only a broke-ass by nesessity, but by choice.
by Broke-ass Harley July 15, 2011
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To fart, pass gas or an event of flatulence.
Dude! Who broke ass?!
by cine0n November 27, 2004
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v. To flatulate in an explosive manner, exponentially more so than breaking wind
*Pvfvt!* Okay, who just broke ass?
via giphy
by F.Courier December 15, 2015
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