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Another word for Andrew Lee Manson
Andy Manson is broke as hell - REEKS!
by Judy April 06, 2005
2 9
When sombody leaves you say they broke. (past tense of brake)
Guy 1:Sup
Guy 2:Sup where'd LaQuifa go?
Guy 1:She broke upstairs
by Anthos August 01, 2006
1 9
To be so horribly ugly that people can't stand to look at you.
DAMN!! That girl is broke! She is so broke it looks like she got hit with a baseball bat!!
by Crysta December 06, 2004
2 10
tricked. played a joke on.
"You're fat"
by npor December 26, 2005
2 11
To have lost one's virginity; to have been fucked before
Dammit I'm broke. Aaron broke me last night when I was drunk.
by keish April 16, 2006
4 14
dat feeling you get when you gots no bones
Dat mo fo Josh is always broke
by hot diggity October 04, 2002
1 12
When you do a dirty ass hoe cause your broke
nico is never home cause he's broke
by dirty guat May 07, 2003
2 15