Adjective, nonfunctional, in need of repair.

Rural usage, derived from past participle and/or the past tense of verb to break.

Usually used to refer to previously functioning machines which no longer work correctly.
The refrigerator's broke, we need to get it fixed.
by Ann Pearl Owen April 02, 2008
adj.- Used to describe someone who's looks are displeasing to the eye. Correction of this condition is something which cannot generally be fixed by application of make-up or concealer, but mandates corrective plastic surgery. May also be used to describe someone's particular features.

see also go for broke
T'was not until I awoke from a long night of carousing that I realized, as my friends had told me, she was indeed broke.
by MC Cancerpants July 31, 2006
breaking someone's ankles; making them think you went one way but you really went the other and they have to come all the way back to get you
ohhhh shit, he broke you!
by ru5ty April 21, 2005
A person speaking ebonics who is referring to the baroque period of music, painting, or architecture.
- Do ya’ll listen ta rap?
- No, meh prefer da broke styles o’ Bach an’ Vivaldi.
by DVDA21 January 21, 2009
Having no money , and in deep crap when it comes to buying presents
He got dumped , because he is broke
by Welcome2MysticHollow February 12, 2011
Extreme absence of money. Pronounced "bee-roke"
Man, I ain't got no monies. I's b-roke.
by Rbta September 23, 2006
Bad grammar that substitutes the word broken.
Hey come ova here and fix my mower. It's broke.
by Carter SN October 01, 2005
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