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a joke in which nobody laughst except for the teller, also known as a no-laugher.
Person 1: Dude, that is totally a broke joke.
Person 2: Yeah.
by +WienerScnitzels November 01, 2015
A joke that quite simply isn't funny, or that was once funny but not anymore.
John: What do you call a TV hovering in the dark?
Bill: Here we go again...
Bill: Broke joke, man.
John: What do you mean? That's hilarious!
Bill: You told it six times already this week. That joke went broke. It ran outta funny.
by krandall, writer September 26, 2008
A boyfriend or husand who is too poor to provide the gifts his lady deserves.
The diamond in her engagement ring is so small you can hardly tell it's there. Her fiance is such a broke joke.

Her boyfriend is such a broke joke he took her to McDonalds the night he said "I love you."
by NicksterGal November 11, 2010

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