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A friendly gathering of bros and only said bros. See brodeo or sausagefest.
Yo dude we need to get some chicks in here. This is a serious brohaha.
by Kenta Heinsdorf October 12, 2007
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When a joke is only understood by or intended for men (The Bros)
Girlfriend: I don't get it; that wasn't funny! (whinny chick voice)

Dude: That's because it was a Bro-HaHa! Mind your buisness!
by MattMatt757 August 09, 2010
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A regalia affair, similar to a brew ha ha.
Although bringing beer is allowed, guests are encouraged to bring a bro or two.

Some bro-ha-has result in a bromance.
Bro: Hey bro, you going to the bro-ha-ha at Jeff's place?
Brody: Already have the Natural Ice in the fridge for it! Have any extra Axe body spray by chance?
by midgetgundy March 26, 2007
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Hardcore slang for 'brother' or 'friend.' Believed to be origated by the FSU or Friends Stand United (a gang or hardcore kids centralized in Boston, Massachusetts.)
Yo brohaha, did you see Terror last week?

Ayo brohaha i didn't see you at the IcePick show?
by PatMas! August 21, 2007
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