Broffee is a stimulating beverage, often brewed with stale coffee granules and warm beer. Broffee purists argue that beer must be the primary liquid used to brew the coffee; however, coffee addicts and other degenerates have been known mix pre-made coffee with beer.
While John and Tommy prefer to brew their broffee by pouring an old beer directly into the back of the coffee maker, Andrew will simply pour an old beer into a moldy cup of Joe.
by Mantis Toboggan, M.D. December 07, 2009
Top Definition
Pouring brandy into your coffee after a wild night in town
Dude after this Broffee I'm even more pissed than last night
by veelsydigevouverkyker February 08, 2011
Meeting for coffee for two male straight guys, to talk about their problems with their wives or gfs.
-Hey, wanna come over to see the game?
-Sorry man, I promised to go out in the afternoon for a broffee with Nick. He's having a load of troubles with his wife. Again.
by ambageo January 30, 2016
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