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When one hits the curb (or some other object) really hard while driving causing the tire to leave a black mark.
You just threw a huge brody!!
by Bri Gonzales January 15, 2005
7 144
Combination of 'Brother and Buddy'. Used to describe snotty White males who exhibit a number of the following qualities. Drives a raised Jeep or other four wheel drive vehicle, wears Polos with popped collars, wears flip-flops, tans, wears his hair spiked, Sperry Topsiders, you know.
Speed up, Brody's flip-flop fell off in your lane.
Look at Brody over there with the gay ass shirt.
by BrixtonBurns February 23, 2006
22 160
N.: A guy with a geeky rep that you've gotten to know a it-and can see the coolness hidden beneath his comic-book obsession.
FROM: Adam Brody, the actor who plays Seth Cohen on The O.C.
"Yes, I am going out with Oswald, despite his ever-present pocket protector. That guy is a total brody, and I'm just the girl to bring out the best in him.
by Dalia February 24, 2004
6 145
hottest fucking chick to ever set foot on this earth (other than shannon). yes anyway her band also kicks major ass..she has the greatest fucking voice ever.
i love brody.. shes soo fucking hot.
by xSlitxYourxWristsxRed January 23, 2004
15 157
to fake an illness to obtain a prescription
by VAKI5 August 20, 2003
10 157
1.Dumb Bastard whom is wished to use as a shooting target and chew toy for dogs.

2. Another term for homosexual male.

3. Fat
First, i shot him and then allowed my dogs to maul him.

Don\'t let your sons grow up to be brodies

that is the biggest brody guy i have ever seen.
by Vladimir the fascist April 26, 2005
10 158
can be used as either a noun, verb, or adjective. generally, a brody refers to a woman's butt that is much larger then others.
Noun: yo, check out the brody on that jaunt
Verb: yo, i wouldn't mind brodying that jaunt
Adjective: that was definately a brody butt
by Him March 29, 2005
3 151