a flaming homosexual. who says "cute" all the time
"aw that dress is so cute on you" said brody
by brodylovesboys July 13, 2008
Audacious, cocky; to be severly bold and daring; to take major risks regardless of the consequences; Also written as brodie
Gary was brody flashing his Yuengling at the cops while driving.
by EvermoreSG November 06, 2005
someone who is rich and gay and lives in San Francisco
Woah. he is so rich and gay and he lives in San Francisco....he must be a brody!
by Anna Lochina March 24, 2008
Yo i brodied that ps2 from that chicks house.
by Sam April 26, 2003
Short for "brother", but an extension of "bro" that can be used in it's place.
What's up brody, did you see that Aqua Teen last night?
by Gibson October 14, 2004
risk or gamble; to take a 'brody,' is to take a risk or go out on a limb; sometimes seen as 'brodie'
Example: Pookie is impatiently waiting for the crosswalk light to change at a busy intersection. "Shit cuz, I ain't wait'n on this fuckin' light to change; I'm gonna take a brody," says Pookie as he steps out into the rushing traffic.
by guruerror February 04, 2004
Brody can mean "life", specifically in the case of suicide.
"Still the executive dithered: spent another week with pieces of paper on which he would list, in columns headed 'pro' and 'con', reasons for and against taking his Brody."-- The Crying of Lot 49, Thomas Pynchon.
by Duke of Marlton April 24, 2006

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