A nickname for your brother.
Alyce: Hey brody, come here!
Josh (Alyce's brother): Ya?
by Diddies September 18, 2008
a word meaning sick, gross, dirty.
Peter: yo dawg did you witness bryans pukefest last night?
Chris: yeah son that shit was brody
by Scarlet Jawn Piece July 28, 2009
Is a person that is a douchebag and also asks other girls for naked pictures or blowjob/handjob and gets in no trouble from his girlfriend.
Dude, stop being a Brody and ask your girlfriend for pictures.
by That One Kid You Love January 10, 2010
Everyone here is a dumbass, especially the guy who thinks a brody is leaving a mark on a curb. Who would do that on purpose? Wow.

A brody is essentially a half doughnut, essentially a U-turn but in a much tighter radius because the rear wheels have broken loose, thus steering the car. A 180 burnout, if you will. A brody may be executed either from a stop or while in motion, as long as you travel in the opposite direction when the manuever is completed (i.e. not driving backwards on the freeway because you're a "fast & furious" idiot).

While a full 360(+) doughnut is pretty much useless except for showing off, pulling a brody can be used in any situation in which the driver needs to get the hell out of dodge quick. Whether it be fleeing from police, an army of zombies, or your mother after curfew, a brody will get the job done, and guarantee that you'll look good doing it.

Warning: not for pussy front wheel drive cars, you'll look like a dumbass trying to U-turn too enthusiastically. With any luck, you'll leave a mark on the curb. Dumbass.
"Damn it dude, you just missed the street we needed to turn on!"

"Did I?" (pulls a brody)

(shocked silence followed by enthusiastic high-fiving)
by tttooooorrrrrryyyyy March 16, 2006
Skidmarks left in the toilet after flushing.
My girlfriend gets mad if I leave a brody in the toilet.
by jjaammeess February 17, 2008
an obnoxious dog with polka dots. They usually have different color eyes and are super skinny. This dog eats odd stuff (cardboard, trees, etc.) He clenses hiself very often and is a bedhog. They think that they are a 2 pound chiwawwa when they are a 100 pound boxer.
Justin: Yo dude did you see that dog?
Bobby: yeah, he was a total brody.
by WOOYEAH! December 20, 2008
A "Brody" is a miraculous maneuver or stunt.

This comes from "Steve Brody", the first man to survive the 135 foot jump from the Brooklyn Bridge. In 1885, right after the Brooklyn Bridge was built, Brody bragged he could survive the fall, and did. His amazing survival caused a media sensation, and the phrase "pull a Brody" has been used since then. (Only four people have *ever* survived the 135 foot drop, which is equivalent to jumping from the top of a fourteen story building.)

In 1885, Steve Brody owned a saloon. Parts of Brody's saloon still survive today in New York's Empire Room, which is fitted with mahogany panels and gold leaf plaster impressions recovered from Steve Brody's Saloon.

The miraculous 1885 survival of Brody made him very famous. From that time to this, New Yorkers have talked about "pulling a Brody" or "taking a Brody", referring to Brody's miracle jump and survival.

In 120 years, obviously, some people have forgotten where "pull a brody" came from. Do some research on Steve Brody and you will see this is the actual origin of the phrase.
I dropped into first gear and pulled a brody.
Yesterday, I pulled a brody on the high dive.
He escaped out onto the roof, pulled a brody, and was gone.
by Tom Deering November 19, 2006
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