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A frat-boy, jock, or other trend following douchebag wannabe. Named for Brody Jenner of The Hills.
"Oh look, another Brody with white frame sunglasses driving a Volkswagon Jetta.."

"Nice Affliction shirt.." *cough* Brody *cough*
by BrodyloverJenner August 16, 2010
A cross between bro and buddy
Hey brody. What's goin on?
by handon September 07, 2009
a term of endearment originating from the name of Brody Jenner
"Whats up Brody"
by Yidge February 06, 2010
Taking a header or fall (possibly a suicide attempt) from a bridge span or other elevated structure. Coined for the name of the first guy that jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge.
Woah... Dude, some guy just took a Brody off the 8th Steet bridge.
by Walter Pigeon January 22, 2009
This is definied as a guy who looks like he just got done catching the waves, with his brahs. he usually has some type of preppy clothing on (hollister, ambercrombie) and is messing with his hair that goes past his eyes. he's generally not really liked by regular guys because his personality is just a little too fruity. this type of person thinks they are the hottest shit out there, and try too hard to look as if they just woke up from a nap.
Brody: "yeah man, lets go like get some mcdonalds, that'd be gnarly."
Regular dude: "dude just shut up you're not a surfer."
by katersss8888 June 04, 2009
A nickname for your brother.
Alyce: Hey brody, come here!
Josh (Alyce's brother): Ya?
by Diddies September 18, 2008
Is a person that is a douchebag and also asks other girls for naked pictures or blowjob/handjob and gets in no trouble from his girlfriend.
Dude, stop being a Brody and ask your girlfriend for pictures.
by That One Kid You Love January 10, 2010