an amazing guy that everybody loves but he breaks alot of hearts and makes ppl mad ALOT he can get a girl to do anythingg and everything he just has those eyes that makes you fall forr himm.He is a sexy beast and he is really funny he is a player but for some reason all the girls want to be with him!!He can get almost any girl that he wants.Brody can be a GREAT guyy and sometimes he cant!! (:
"Damn look at Brody over there looking sexy as always!"
"Yeah i know he can be a jerk sometimes though!"
by 123456YeslekT May 03, 2009
A person who wheres their extremely dark sunglasses inside, outside, at night, during the day, and anywhere else not usually accepted to wear sunglasses.
Dude, look at that brody over there, he always wheres his sunglasses
by Brody Luebkeman October 24, 2006
Bro + buddy = brody
What's good brody?!
by paulquiznos January 15, 2013
Brody is the sweetest guy you will ever meet in your entire life: you can't help but fall in love immediately. He is so full of compassion and kindness and has such caring heart. He is extremely hilarious and will make you laugh and laugh. He is also very sexy, adorable, and handsome, all at the same time! He has a great body, wonderful smile, gorgeous eyes, etc. He is so very smart/intelligent and can do anything he sets his mind to. He will make you so very proud. He'll also make you the happiest girl in the world. Whoever has him is the most blessed girl ever. He is just so completely and totally perfect in every single way, 100%.
I love you Brody. And I always will. Forever and ever and always. Unconditionally.
by LDRSweetheart January 07, 2013
Brody is really hot guy who you can fall in love with easily and uncontrolably. He has the greatest blue eyes in the world and is really strong and protective. He is really popular, but is really nice to everyone. He makes people laugh and makes their day. He is the greatest boyfriend in the world and really cares about his girlfriend. He is not a player because he doesnt believe on cheating. Brody has nice lucious brown-blonde hair that really fits him. HE IS HOT... PERIOD....
by Girlwhoisgreat September 28, 2013
A brody: brother + buddy.
Thanks for saving my life yesterday, brody!
by adn2037 March 15, 2011
The sweetest, most adorable and hot guy you'll meet. Is so loving and is very athletic. Loves biking rugby and lacrosse.. You fall in love with him easily but he could break your heart any minute. He has nice brown/hazel eyes and his smile can make your day. If youre dating a brody you are one of the luckiest girls.
Person 1: see that pretty girl crying who got dumped for no reason?

Person 2: yea
Person 1: what a Brody move
by Ass17 December 17, 2013

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