Handsome blue eyed devil, who will steal your heart and break it all in the same fucking breath. You will fall for him madly and he will catch except, when another girl is on her way to landing expect to be dropped, quick. This guys sexual prowress is restless. Watch out, hes like no other in the bedroom, hes a bull in the sack. Who will rock your world. You will never forget BRODY, ever.
Whats that stunning hotties name? "omg, thats BRODY" hes amazingg..
by PunkFace Princess February 11, 2011
A person who wheres their extremely dark sunglasses inside, outside, at night, during the day, and anywhere else not usually accepted to wear sunglasses.
Dude, look at that brody over there, he always wheres his sunglasses
by Brody Luebkeman October 24, 2006
Brody is the sweetest guy you will ever meet in your entire life: you can't help but fall in love immediately. He is so full of compassion and kindness and has such caring heart. He is extremely hilarious and will make you laugh and laugh. He is also very sexy, adorable, and handsome, all at the same time! He has a great body, wonderful smile, gorgeous eyes, etc. He is so very smart/intelligent and can do anything he sets his mind to. He will make you so very proud. He'll also make you the happiest girl in the world. Whoever has him is the most blessed girl ever. He is just so completely and totally perfect in every single way, 100%.
I love you Brody. And I always will. Forever and ever and always. Unconditionally.
by LDRSweetheart January 07, 2013
Brody is really hot guy who you can fall in love with easily and uncontrolably. He has the greatest blue eyes in the world and is really strong and protective. He is really popular, but is really nice to everyone. He makes people laugh and makes their day. He is the greatest boyfriend in the world and really cares about his girlfriend. He is not a player because he doesnt believe on cheating. Brody has nice lucious brown-blonde hair that really fits him. HE IS HOT... PERIOD....
by Girlwhoisgreat September 28, 2013
the most ballin nigga you know every time you see him you just want to drop down and suck his dick, he has fucked every bitch you have ever wanted, will dunk on you EASY and gets mad paper. and trust me dont fuck with a brody cause he knows where you are at all times... and he will fuck you up
Person 1: yo brodys just the greatest theres nothing better i would never even think about fucking wit dat dude cause he would fuck me up"

Person 2: word yo i heard this one guy called him a jokester just as a joke and brody took it as disrespect and fucked that dudes sister and mom and had his dad rapped by one of his brolic ass friends and made the mutha fucka watch

Person 3: Daam i wanna be like brody

Person 4: yo if i had one wish i know what it would be......
by thegreatest101 April 23, 2009
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