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Bro + buddy = brody
What's good brody?!
by paulquiznos January 15, 2013
31 17
bro ,brother ,or homeboy .
derived from the jerkin generation .
whuts good brody .?
by redbone baybee August 08, 2009
597 313
A person you cant help but love.
Kind, loving, caring, and adorable.
Falls in love very easily but falls hard none the less.
He is as sweet as a Brody.
by =]] June 12, 2008
771 508
Cuteness that's all I have to say. What is the definition of cuteness? Brody. Whatever he says is cute and adorable. He is the best boyfriend anyone could ask for, caring, sweet, amazing in everyway. He is the one you dream about and someone you always want to be with. Someone you can't take yor mind off. Someone I wish to be with every single day. All I have to say is that I love him.
There is nobody like Brody!
by NBNBNBNBNB March 05, 2010
340 221
To cause a vehicle to drift in circles by causing the tires to break loose(lose traction), works extremely well on a snow covered empty parking lot. Can be accomplished with a rear wheel drive car going forward or a front wheel drive car in reverse. Old Skool term.
Brody**Now that the parking lot is covered in snow, I can not wait to pull some brodies.

**Whats wrong with you? You can not do Brodies with studded tires.
by No1carhauler January 07, 2009
264 208
A player but very attractive.
but none the less; a player.
Guys are nice, until they pull a Brody.
by jauhjsy July 03, 2009
238 190
an amazing guy that everybody loves but he breaks alot of hearts and makes ppl mad ALOT he can get a girl to do anythingg and everything he just has those eyes that makes you fall forr himm.He is a sexy beast and he is really funny he is a player but for some reason all the girls want to be with him!!He can get almost any girl that he wants.Brody can be a GREAT guyy and sometimes he cant!! (:
"Damn look at Brody over there looking sexy as always!"
"Yeah i know he can be a jerk sometimes though!"
by 123456YeslekT May 03, 2009
286 248
A person who wheres their extremely dark sunglasses inside, outside, at night, during the day, and anywhere else not usually accepted to wear sunglasses.
Dude, look at that brody over there, he always wheres his sunglasses
by Brody Luebkeman October 24, 2006
518 483