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loves to sing his favorite songs, but only the first line of the chorus over and over and over.

will leave a bag of garbage on the stairs for months at a time until a friendly aquaintance feels sorry for him living in his own filth and cleans it up.

destined for the nhl
Did you see that hat trick? He totally Broden'd that one.

God, pick up your shit, don't be such a broden.

Dont you know any of the other lyrics to the song? Your totally broden'ing it.
by biatchintraining November 23, 2010
A room or basement area used strictly for bros hanging out without interruption. Similar to a man cave but geared more towards young up and coming bros.
My wife's dishwasher was so loud. I called up the fellas and headed down to the Bro Den to watch the game, drink some victory golden monkey, and play bubble hockey.
by ron_ward April 20, 2013
Broden is the term given to a person who will buy a large amount of a product at a reduced price and try and sell it for profit.
The guy that sold all those games consoles must be a Broden.
by Broden October 12, 2015
funny pothead who loves getting high.
a skateboarder. look its broden the skateboarder
by sweethunni18 June 09, 2009
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