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The vast, unofficial economy that exists between bros, buddies, acquaintances, and sometimes even complete strangers. It consists of favors, trades, promises, IOU's, and similar exchanges of goods and/or services. Without it, the world as we know it would collapse into madness and disorder.
Mike brought a case of beer for poker night at Joe's house because Joe had driven him home from a party the other night. They had unknowingly just participated in the broconomy.
#bro-conomy #economy #iou #i.o.u. #bro #bros
by TheTimmeh December 23, 2007
The economy between bro's that always seems to be apparent after spotting someone who is tight on cash, and after beer runs.
HEY BROSKI! our broconomy has a surplus, I owe you 30$, you owe $30 to Kody and Kody owes me $30 therefore we don't owe anyone anything... and between the empties and the change we pulled out of the couch we have a surplus!
#economy #bro #broski #friend #broconemy #bro code
by AZN 3 PAK April 22, 2011
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