Verb: the act of leaving a social event (even when it is at one's own house) without telling anyone; usually done by someone who drives rather quickly in as all car in order to not be noticed

Conjugation: brocking out, brocked out, to brock out, having Brocked out, brocks out
-Dude, where did Joey go?

-I don't know, he brocked out

-But we are at his house... Why does he pull this shit without telling anyone?

-He likes to brock out all the time. His Honda Accord is a perfect getaway car.
by JohnnyBoy3 December 29, 2013
Top Definition
a term combining rock out and break out generally referring to dancing
"this jungle is soo sick that you can't help but to brock out"
by ArtyVisual February 14, 2006
When a friend discretely leaves his/her other friends without forewarning anyone else about their departure.
To brock out:

"Did Connor actually leave?"

"Yeah, I think he might have brocked out on us..."

"Wow, what a dick!"
by Paublo Sanchezzz December 29, 2013
-verb- To act in a highly irrational, aggressive and rude manner. Often the result of excess alcohol consumption. Actions can sometimes involve violence, swearing, involuntary body movements.
"Uh oh, is that the brock calling for Danga?"

"I can't believe that Danga just insulted that guy for no reason. What a brock out."
by TonyTron November 15, 2009
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