masculine grocery items such as beer, frozen pizza, and Doritos.
Who keeps putting milk on the brocery list?
by Darka The Titan February 05, 2012
Top Definition
Essentials that dudes buy at stores (bro groceries.) Examples include beer, shaving cream, Sports Illustrated and condoms.
Dwight: "Where did Kurt go?"
Jon: "He went to pick up some broceries before the game."
by hack314 September 15, 2007
the small amount of convenience food items that single men often have in their fridge or freezer. Not to be confused with groceries, which are either grown or have some nutritional value and usually require cooking.
beer, leftover pizza, ketchup.

"Mandy spent the night at his place but couldn't stay for breakfast since all that he had in the fridge were broceries."
by kenchuto May 11, 2010
Buying things like meat and vegetables with another guy friend, usually late at night.
Me and my bro went to go grab some late night broceries.
by SketchyGuy August 17, 2012
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