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A barbershop run by white guys in their 20s and 30s who effect a Guido style or similar faux-macho prettyboy bullshit. Everyone who works there has geometrical lines shaved into their head and facial hair, and a haircut runs you $30.00 minimum.

A place where you are most likely to hear the phrases, "Bro, that's sick!" or, "Yeah, I can do that tape-up for you."
"Fuck the brobershop, I'm getting my haircut at the old Italian guy's place down the road. I don't care if I have to walk five more blocks. I pay half the price and don't have to listen to Tiesto."

"Dude, I drove by the brobershop at 11pm. Swear to God, they were still in there listening to Tiesto and fistpumping."

"Pacha NYC keeps the brobershops in business."
by Abdallah Price February 21, 2013
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