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The SJ term for beer. Too afraid to say the word beer(s) in class, they fingered themselves silly at mention of this word.
1. "Some preppy kid just whispered 'broadz' into that kids ear while tickling his balls."

2. After drinking one "broad," Billy felt amazingly wrapped (see "wrapped"). Stumbling around the room, he was envied for his stupidity. After Billy's autopsy, it was discovered that a lethal dose of acid was snuck into his drink.

3. After being offered a "broad" from Billy, Frankie reached into the 12 pack only to realize the box was empty. In fact, the only object he grabbed was Billy's dick sticking through a hole which he had cut into the box.
by SJHS_BOI_2K4 August 08, 2005
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Alcoholic beverages, specifically beer.
-Hey, are the broadz on ice?
--Yea, don't worry, they'll be cold by tonight.
by Alex Torres January 05, 2004
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