A skid normally by a bicycle or motorcyle that is performed by putting on the rear brake only and swinging the back of the bike round to one side so the bike skids sideways.
He did a broadie on his push bike
by Neil December 14, 2004
Top Definition
Broadie or broady means to steal something.
"Yo, did that fool just broadie my pencil?"
by phillyhoodie October 16, 2006
When you spin your car around in circles, sometimes referred to as donuts or cookies
I was spinnin' broadies in the parking lot.
by Fbizzay September 18, 2007
A philly slang meaning to take over
watch me broadie this bul for his chair
by Jerrell Smith October 09, 2003
A guy, usually white guy, who's culture is somewhere between wigger & punker. They usually drive trucks that are slightly raised in the front. The trucks usuall have naval star stickers, and X-game/ motocross/ surfing/ skateboarding or some type of extreme sport logos on their trucks or tattoos. They are usually posers and not very good at these sports. They use the word "bro" alot, and usually do not know that they are broadies in the first place. A girl who hangs around with them is called a Broady-o or Broady Ho
"I don't want to go to Hermosa Beach, too many broadies over there"
by Lazlo Ryder August 27, 2007
A variation of the word broad for describing women. Useful when referring to a bunch of skanks.
"So I called up some broadies for tonight - its gonna be jizz city"
by bTreezy October 17, 2006
A broadie is a female who is mostly conceited and or worried about money. Broadies come in all shapes and sizes, and don't necessarily have to be cute.
"Dude, did you see that chick with the short ass skirt?"

"Yeah, that broadie went to school with us."
by Keyz May 11, 2005

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