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A fluid-like sac in the back of the brain. In order to get to it, a scientist must use a hand drill to create a hole in the back of the head. If a pin is pushed into the broab, the person gets a sensation of ecstasy. If the pin pops the sac, the person falls into a state where he will forever feel like he must sneeze, but cannot do so.
Probe my broab!
by kiko8man August 01, 2009
(n) A portmanteau of Bro + Moab. Moab, Utah has gained the nickname "Broab", due to the overwhelming numbers of bros who flock there for testosterone laden homoerotic bro-sports like mountainbiking, ATV riding, jeeping, rafting, law enforcement, etc.
Hey Bro! I just came back from riding some gnar illegal singletrack in Broab!


Why are there so many lesbians in Broab, anyway?
by Leisure Class Hero October 09, 2010