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(noun) An alcoholic beverage that consists of one cup of Natural Light or Keystone Light beer with a shot of Banker's Club vodka mixed in. It is usually served in a Solo cup but any plastic cup is adequate. The drink is typically garnished with a cigarette bud or the bone of a chicken wing.
I was at the Phi Sigma Alpha kegger last night and wanted to get f*cked up. I told my bro I didn't want to take straight shots so he made me a bro-tini that was off the chain.
by KidA RIP November 21, 2009
The act of shaking (in ice) an otherwise bland and fratty drink consisting of 3rd tier liquor and chaser with a martini shaker and straining it into a martini glass; therefore bequeathing the class and sophistication that previously eluded what would otherwise be known as a brodrink.
Bro 1: Fellas, I picked up a fifth of svedka and sprite, let's pour this into a cup and make brodrinks.

Bro 2: I don't know bro, I feel like we should change things up tonight.

Bro 3: Tonight is special. I just got a promotion so we're goin all out tonight and making brotinis.

Bro 1+2: Bromance for days.
by Johnny-Bro December 28, 2009
yet another branch off of derivatives of bro without all the bad connotations. see brollerskates
hey man i'm ordering a pizza..want in?

hells yeah brotini!
by GrizLee April 30, 2008

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