the most sacred bro-ship between bros the love bro level is just induvious but in like a total opposite of gay way
ME and my bro man just chilled back yesterday
by j _wo March 22, 2009
A total "bro". Someone who hangs out in a pack of style-less people, wear beaters or plain black or white "t's", and constantly use the words bro or man.
"Ay bro, are you down to go smoke, man?" broman
by gooooooonooober July 03, 2009
Complete bro. Wears beaters and has no muscle definition at all. Wears stupid shell necklaces. Often makes weird sounds such as: Aaalleeaahhh.
Dude. Brett's last name should definitely be Broman because he's a bro.
by silent sam October 03, 2008

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